Heaven and Hell Party #1! Cup Eve – King Leghorn playing with friends

We’re playing with Red Rockets of Borneo, Dogs of Thomas Park and Cold War Calculators
+ DJs and a smashing good time! Put on your best wings, stick out your tongue and flap them about with friends!

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New site!

Hello and welcome back carpet lickers!

We lost the html files from our previous site somewhere in cyberspace and felt a bit lost for a while, felt that FaceBook and the other crap music site alternatives around didn’t really capture our dreadful feelings so we got this thing up and running and we have some NEWS! Excellent, right? and we’ll be bringing that news to your mail box as the days unfold.

Thanks to all you supporters on Facebook and across the world, in Germany, UK and Darwin and in fabulous Melbourne. New figures show that Melbourne has hit target of top punk band city on a global basis (that last sentence was bullshit, but you know … welcome relief for shoppers in the lead up to Christmas).

A’righ, fuck ya’s all and see you at the next gig!

rehearsal, October 2011