WE’RE PROUD because we’re teaming up with BITTER SWEET KICKS to play  THE RETREAT on FRIDAY 26 JULY.

BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME with tunes flavoured with punk, rock ‘n’ roll and sweet blues, topped with psych rock fuzz, 10pm. and ….. it’s FREE ENTRY and a night definitely not to be missed


Gigs coming up

The Tote
In our revival at the Tote, where our debut Album “Bogman” was launched on cassette in 1990, King Leghorn will take to the stage supported by friends the Unmistakable, The Men they Call Jane and LBOW. This promises to be a crunching Sunday of fun!

Sunday, 22 July – 6-11 PM



King Leghorn playing at the Penny Black

KING LEGHORN have reincarnated with chariot fingers, lead guitar guru of early eighties punk band the Kaotics, Laurie Aboukhater (Loz Leghorn), neck-strangler, fret stroker of Huxton Creepers fame, lead bassist Rob Craw (aka Bob Leghorn), and ever-gurgling, thrombosis-defying, double-kick, brick drummer of Motorbreath origins, James O’Conner (aka Jim Leghorn) with  chortling front man and crunch guitarist Tim Jacka (Tim Leghorn), set to run into a mud bath of gigs on the northern side of our great city in the latter half of 2012.


Sliding our way back to the Wick, we’re proudly playing once more with the Unmistakeable, punk/powerpop 5-piece on Saturday, 23 JUNE at the Penny Black in Brunswick, kicking off at 9 PM.

by hook or by crük

It’s been a while! The tabloids are bleeding as they wait for news from KING LEGHORN about its dates, lineup and other news. Well… we’re gonna keep you all waiting a bit longer as we are still formulating, writing and busying our selves with breathtaking winter projects including new songs, a new feel (but always the same filthy attitude) and, most sparklingly, our new member Loz Aboukhater to lead on guitar.


We have put off playing for a time to regroup but are also forming lineups with Sun God Replica, True Radical Miracle (Adelaide) and Fang with an eye to strutting once more among the best of you at the mighty Tote some time in July (that ok with you Amanda?).